Why Not Playing As A Sexy Animal?


In the world a lot of women love animals and as a man,he must love to see his wife to look like a sweet or wild sexy animal sometime.maybe you wanna a try that but the you do not know where to get the animal suit you need,right?
In fact there is a kind cool suits named animal zentai.If you wear one on,you will look like the animal you want like zebra,leopard,tiger and etc.Because there are too many kinds of animals and so it is hard for everyone to find the suit they need.But it is not impossible.
You may let Zentaizone to know your needs and they can custom make an animal zentai for you based your requests.For example,if you want to look like a sweet dog,they will design a suit based on that.everything should be fast and very interesting.

Design A Hero Suit For Your Team


We live in the society where is full of superhero culture but usually we are not okay to be called as famous heroes like superman,spiderman.because we just want to dress up like a new hero.
Is it possible?of course,it is possible.In fact you may design a hero suit for your team and it is very easy.You know,most of the hero suits are based on spandex catsuits with hero logo on the chest.
So what you need to do is design a chest logo and decide the colors of your suits should be.
What the next thing is that you need to find a store to custom make your hero suit based on a spandex catsuit.

Is It Harmful To Wear Zentai?

red zentai

Zentai is another kind of tights and so is it harmful to wear it?Okay,let me tell you the main disadvantages of wearing tights at first.
Girls who wear tights very often may have fungal infections that is very common and tights,specially tight trousers give fungus a good environment to grow.Besides,your Abdomen will be squeezed and you will easily get acid regurgitation and your nerves will be uncomfortable…
So you will get the same disadvantages when wear zentai?Of course not!
The tights I mention are traditional and they are made from common fabrics while most of zentai suits are made from lycra spandex that are tight but they are breathable,thin and elastic.as long as the size is correct,you won’t suffer from pain or any uncomfortable feeling.
Of course,in hot summer,we do not recommend that people wear zentai too long because you may get heat stroke.

Where To Get Cheap Armor And Helmet?


People love to wear a costume to look like the character they love but to some characters like Ironman,there is no authentic costume because the Ironman wears armor and helmet.So where to get them without spending much?

We all know that armors and helmets are hand made and so many fans have to give it up.the good news is that zentaizone can supply this kind of stuffs for you from now on because they hired a team of props masters/makers.the price is very favorable and so if you have this kind of needs,why not contacting them for help?

What Is The Color Of Your Youth?




If you were asked to describe your youth with a color,what color it was?Red,white,green?Of course,10 people may have 10 different answers.

Youth means a lot to us and most of our memorable stories happened when we were young.to a young person,she or he is always passionate to do anything without any worry.It is good and happy.

You must know zentai that are loved by young people because zentai and youth have many common points.You are allowed to make your youth in any color you love.

Can You Drive In A Spiderman Costume?


You must think driving in a spiderman costume is very cool,right?but you must worry if it is safe or not to do that.

Spiderman costumes from zentaizone.com can be your choice,Because they make the white mesh eyes on their products and so you can see out very clearly.

Besides although your costume is tight and covers you fully,you can breathe very well.

You may ahead to with your idea now and why not saying hello to the policeman?

Dreamlike Green

4-10-5 4-10-6

 We love green,the skin color of nature but we never known that green can be so dreamlike!This photographer/artist made a great job.The sexy green woman( a woman who wears a green full body suit) and the beautiful green tone caused my attention and I spent much time to see these photos.It is more like a dream where there is an interesting story about a green girl.

Recently there are more and more people use full body suits to make color themed photos and most of them are very outstanding!

How To Avoid Ruining Your Spiderman Costumes During Playing Basketball?


Now quality spandex spiderman costumes are very durable and elastic,which means that you can wear it for playing basketball.So is it really safe to do that?No.

We know that spandex spiderman costumes are one-pieced and so the feet are attached to the costume.The problem is that the floor/ground will break the spandex fabrics.

So you at least shoul wear shoes outside.then the feet of your costume will be 100% safe.

Of course,some cool guys gluing a sole onto the feet and this way is great too as long as you can do this DIY work.

Zentai Is Always Great For Performance


I have no idea since when people have started to use zentai for their performance and the reason is simple:zentai is interesting and very easy to be used in any shows.

You even not have to use any other accessories or make-up.With zentai on,everyone is same because your face is hidden and so you can not use your “Natural advantages” to become outstanding but your performance.

It is interesting that many students to use zentai in their school events and a stage play is the most popular way.

Tips Of Taking Photos In Metallic Zentai


Metallic zentai suits are great for photographing because this kind of suits are shiny and so you will get different photos from wearing other clothing.

But there is a problem: the wrinkles on the suits.Because the fabrics of the metallic zentai suits are not very soft and so if you suit does not fit perfect,there must be many wrinkles on your suit.

See the picture is a good example.

So how to avoid that and take better photos?the key is on your suit.

Although metallic zentai suits are not as elastic as lycra spandex,they still have a little stretch and so your suit must be a little smaller than your real size.But most of stores only provide standard-sized products and so it is not easy for you to get one that fits you perfect

So I recommend that you get some custom-fit ones that are custom-made according to your measurements.You need to find a professional zentai store to do this work for you.